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    Ja. Guter Punkt. Bisher hat meine Nichte da einen recht hohen Respekt davor, da sie eine Herausforderung darin sieht es wieder zusammenzusetzen.

    Muss ja nicht. Ein 2 in 1 Gerät tut es ja auch. Kann dir da nur keines empfehlen.

    Aus meiner Erfahrung solltest du drauf achten das das Ding im Betrieb leise bleibt wenn es in der Schule genutzt wird. Hatte mal ein HP x360, das ging wieder zurück weil es zu laut wurde.

    Das mit den Aliens habe ich auch gelesen. Halte ich aber für unwahrscheinlich. Ich denke die Mehrheit, mich eingeschlossen, wären dann enttäuscht.

    Interessant, da ja nach offiziellen Angaben nicht mehr viele Entwickler an Arma 3 arbeiten. Oder sollte das nur heißen das der Rest an Arma 3 - (Operation Arrowhead) arbeitet.

    Das mag sein, das Thema wurde rauf und runter diskutiert und BI hat auch Stellung dazu genommen und auch eine mögliche Lösung angekündigt:

    Before we move onto the next topic of this report (update 1.92), we'd still like to address one of the main concernspeople have raised, which relates to Creator DLC being optional to install. A primary reason for this is to keep Arma 3’s base game installation size somewhat reasonable, also for those who do not own or have an interest in particular Creator DLC. However, it does also mean that players who do not own certain Creator DLC cannot join multiplayer servers or play content that makes use of that DLC’s assets (e.g. its terrain or weapons and vehicles). In response to your feedback, we're currently investigating one last potential work-around together with the Vertexmacht team. However, we also want to be careful not to give out any false hope, since this might very well prove not to be a viable option. If it does turn out to be feasible, we should already make clear that it would be unlikely for this to be available for Global Mobilization's release on Monday April 29 (or, again, if at all).

    Just to give some more insights into this, we're well aware that the optional installation and the multiplayer split between owners and non-owners it causes is not ideal and we recognize the limitations. After all, this topic has been a driving force behind Arma 3's original DLC strategy to date. Hence we completely understand that it might even be a deal-breaker for some of you running or participating in large multiplayer community groups. It's a trade-off that we had to accept so that installation size doesn't become a barrier to playing the Arma 3 base game for those with limited storage space and slower Internet speeds/data restrictions. This will become even more relevant in the future, which looks to bring even more official and Creator DLC with individual data sizes of potentially tens of GBs.

    Besides Arma 3's default installation size, there are also other complicating factors and considerations. For example, having Creator DLC data separate from the base game enables us and the developers to do quicker updates if needed, while these would otherwise be far more complicated to do and delayed as a result. Furthermore, some future DLC might adjust core functionality or require their own scripted functionality (as a Total Conversion) that cannot be supported throughout the platform, plus we have to anticipate that cross-compatibility among future Creator DLC cannot always be guaranteed. Then there are some difficulties related to how ownership is handled on Steam and how our regular Content Licensing system is applied to in-game assets. Also, while this is perhaps a bit more of an arbitrary issue, you can imagine that the content, theme, setting, and visuals of particular Creator DLC might clash with that of regular Arma 3 and/or other Creator DLC. Lastly, as an organisation, we need to consider not only the here and now, but also look into the long-term future and consider whether we'll be able to carry the weight of all the potential maintenance - which, with something as complex as Arma with all of its variables, can quickly take up a lot of our resources.

    All in all, we hope this explanation at least helps shed a bit more light on the matter. We very much appreciate how many of you have tried to suggest alternative solutions, even though they may not be possible in practice or may not be feasible given the complexity, infrastructure, available resources, increased overhead, and/or other considerations. Of course, if there will be any update on this, we will make sure to share it with you as soon as possible.


    Das BI die Installationsgröße (Downloadgröße) möglichst klein halten möchte kann ich im Jahr 2019 nicht ganz nachvollziehen, besonders wenn man sieht das andere Spiele 4k Texture Packs mit 30Gbyte größe anbieten.

    Das sie durch den seperaten Download den Entwicklern die Möglichkeit geben schneller und eigenständig Patches zu veröffentlichen macht allerdings durchaus Sinn.

    Alles in Allem kann ich mit der Limitierung leben und finde es eine großartige Möglichkeit talentierten Moddern die Möglichkeit zu bieten Geld mit ihrem Talent zu verdienen. Allerdings müssen wir natürlich schauen welche Ausmaße das Ganze mit kommenden CDLCs nehmen wird.

    [...]Neben der Abneigung gegenüber dem Bezahlmod-Prinzip als solches[...]

    Da kann ich nur den Kopf schütteln. Sowas kann nur von Leuten kommen die keine Ahnung haben wie viel Arbeit es ist so eine Mod zu erstellen. Des weiteren können diese Leute ja auch gerne auf kostenlose Alternativen wie BW-Mod, RHS, CUP umsteigen.