Arma 3 bekommt tatsächlich 64-bit Unterstützung

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    In recent years, a growing number of developers have released their games with 64-bit support. Many of our own community have hoped or suspected that, sooner or later, this simply had to happen to our beloved series as well. To bring an end to the eternal discussion about whether it is (im)possible to bring 64-bit support to Arma - and to live up to your hopes - we are proud to announce that 64-bit Arma 3 is knocking right at your door, now released on Dev-Branch. But what exactly are the benefits of having a 64-bit game, what does it mean for you as gamers, and why did you have to wait until now?



    Do not expect a 64-bit executable to be a golden bullet, though. Rather than quadrupling your FPS, consider this an important optimization for cases where 32-bit Arma can no longer 'keep up'. If you never experienced sudden performance drops, you are unlikely to notice any difference at all. However, if you did, this new version of Arma should make your experience even more splendid than ever.

    Ich bin wirklich gespannt, wie sich dieses auf die Serverperformance auswirken wird.

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