Empyrion – Galactic Survival


    - Added Creative Empty mode: same as normal Creative mode but without
    capital ships and bases. This mode is for those of you who want to start
    in an empty world.
    - Workaround to be able to load corrupted save games
    - Added slimmer version of Male model

    Improvements / Changes:
    - Reduced crafting times
    - Reduced Head-Bobbing
    - Control Panel now shows damage of essential blocks
    - Added Rocket Launcher (replaced old launcher)
    - Hyperion crashed better defended
    - First version of hover texts for resources and created objects (BA, SV, GV) on 3D Map
    - Repair & Remove Tool has bonus to remove cockpit and other high-armored objects
    - Less armor on Constructor
    - Updated Main Menu Button Colors
    - Made some more keys configurable (Show FPS, Save Screenshot, HUD on/off)
    - Outputting system data in outputlog now
    - Shrinked radius of drill

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed bug that appeared at transition from planet to space and that corrupted save games
    - Fixed bug on LaserRifle (before it exploded directly at weapon for male)
    - Fixed quick cargo box close/open: no longer reports 'Occupied by me'
    - Fixed error message for connecting to other game that has not same version
    - Fixed exploit that you could drop SV weapons.
    - Fixed scope bug on Pulse Rifle
    - Fixed bug when exiting turret
    - Possible fix for bug when quiting game during explosion
    - Possible fix for bug during eating
    - Fixed clipping issue with weapons (weapon mesh could not be seen sometimes in multiplayer)
    - Fixed bug on symmetry plane
    - Fixed animation of other player when connecting

    Known issues:
    - Jetpack particle effect on male not working

    Moreover, we added a shiny new rocket launcher and replaced the old Tier 1 rocket launcher:

    Quelle: http://empyriononline.com/thre…-resumed.1283/#post-13189

  • es wird mal wieder Zeit bei Empyrion reinzuschauen ... sind nen paar schöne Änderungen dabei, die wir uns gewünscht haben

    Changelog for Pre-Alpha 3.0.0:

    - Added fully procedural planets: Added random distribution of resources and POIs and random terrain generation (controllable via Seed)
    - Added new starting planet Akua with breathable atmosphere (temperate planet with vast oceans)
    - Added male / female character without helmet and possibility to remove helmet
    - Added swimming
    - Added 2 new creatures on Akua
    - Added a first (2D) Minimap
    - Added door for SV and GV (to build dropships)
    - Added emergency O2 bottle (can be used to refill O2 without Oxygen Station)
    - Added work light that illuminates an area (not just a spotlight). Increased spot angle of old work ight.
    - Neodymium is now used in templates (can be found on e.g. Omicron)
    - Added size of resource deposit to HUD / Map object text
    - Prepared automatic email when user quits on an 'Internal Error'
    - Added "Rename Game" option
    - POIs need now to be discovered and are then marked on map (similar to resources) in setting with Seed>0
    - Added flare block (no light source just flare) for SV and GV
    - Added bunk bed
    - Added several community builds (dropship SV, SV, alien tower, GV): Thanks to Arturius1967, Boan929, Dead8Eye, Fabrizio and Glorfinnin

    - Improved New Game menu
    - Improved Constructor and Food Processor GUI: now showing more items simultaneously (thanks to Kane for the idea)
    - Better ship controls: Increased sensitivity (faster turning)
    - GV now hovers certain distance over ground when powered. Added “Hover Distance” in info panel of GV
    - Temporarily deactivated orbital gravity. Reason: Exiting a game while
    in the gravity zone of a planet caused the disparition of your ship
    after resuming game (the ship was pulled to the planet and was lost).
    - Moved Dinos from Omicron to Akua
    - Now player is dying faster (again) if running out of Oxygen or Food
    - For resource detection height now matters
    - Slightly changed location of planets in Orbit
    - More detailed in-game message when block cannot be placed
    - Adapted color of Silicon Ore (to better differentiate from Crushed Stone)
    - Adapted prefab of Crushed Stone
    - Increased rate of fire for Pulse Laser SV
    - Radar turret are now placeable also on SV and GV
    - Attack distance of turrets reduced to 250m on planets (but still 500m in space)
    - Balanced space drones (less hitpoints)
    - Tweaked sound of Desert Worm on Omicron
    - Slightly increased amount of starting resources in Escape Pod
    - Templates change: Laser ammo does not use advanced CPU anymore
    - Small generator cannot be placed in CV anymore
    - 3D Map: Hover texts now exactly match the better positioned icons
    - Changed icon for base on map and added icon for GV on map
    - Decreased damage inflicted by sentry guns
    - Gravity unit is now g (instead of m/s²)
    - Reduced fire range of Laser Rifle and Laser Pistol
    - Better ground blast particle colors. Added special particle effect for ground blast on water
    - HUD: Moved message boxes to top (left of MiniMap)
    - Video Options: aspect ratios < 16:10 are marked as not supported. Increased minimum resolution.
    - Slightly different preview icons for window transparent/non-transparent
    - Pulse laser SV now shoots blue plasma (similar to turret GV)
    - Adapted new WIKI links (Gamepedia)
    - Tweaked sound of fridge
    - Changed sun color on Omicron Moon in evening/morning
    - Renamed GV as HV (Hover Vessel) to better differentiate (the letters ‘G’ and ‘C’ look too similar)

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed problem with drill that caused the creation of additional terrain around the player while mining
    - Fix for turret bug: sometimes after resuming a game the turrets did not attack anymore
    - Fixed texture bug with several creatures (Desert Worm, Desert Golem, Otyugh, etc)
    - Fixed bug with line/plane tool
    - Fixed another save game corruption bug
    - Fixed clipping issue in multiplayer with Assault Rifle
    - Fixed bug that Durian sprout showed up in Control Panel
    - Fixed bug that gravity display did not show on first entering GV
    - Fixed problem with jetpack thruster of male character
    - Fixed perish time display
    - Fixed landing gear position
    - Fixed wrong emissive texture in map view of planet (e.g. Aestus)
    - Enabled quick-fill of O2 / Water Generator with fuel packs
    - Fixed wrong normal maps in 3D map view
    - Fixed bug with Undo function

    Quelle: http://empyriononline.com/thre…t-swimming-and-much.1783/

  • Changelog 3.1.0:

    - Changed New Game Survival: Now you can choose between Akua and Omicron as Starting Location
    - Added manual save button to in-game menu. This can fix the problem that sometimes players lost their builds after a crash
    - Added first version of German localization (not all texts are translated yet). More languages to come

    - Seed field in New Game now accepts only numbers
    - Added possibility to select Server Port in Options / Misc. This should
    fix problem for people that could not start the game when an other
    windows service was using port 30000
    - Tweaked Misc Options menu: select language English/German and set Server Port
    - Changed font: new font supports other languages
    - Template change: Small emergency oxygen bottle now only needs 1 oxygen bottle
    - Increased fuel consumption on planets
    - Flare Block + Window Blocks are now placeable also on Base and CV
    - Improved ship controls -> slightly faster turning of SV/CV (less torque for RCS HV)
    - Increased speed and range of rockets for turrets
    - Tweaked template of Turret Minigun for HV
    - Reduced spawn rate of PlantMonster and Slime. Increased Spawn rate of small dino.
    - Added different plants to Akua
    - Added new dinosaur to Akua
    - Tweaked loot for Plant Monster
    - Changed position of manually placed resources on Akua and Omicron
    - Added community builds: Orbital Station (thanks to Luna) and 2 SVs (Akua and Orbit - thanks to Arturius1967)

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fix so that most corrupted save games can now be resumed
    - Possible fix for HV and turrets bug
    - Fixed minimap in orbit (still 2D) so that map shows correct position even after rotation (3D map still in preparation)
    - Fixed bug that booster HV did not work reliable
    - Removed "ghost terrain" in orbit (before you could see a semi-transparent version of a terrain in the orbit)
    - Fixed colliders for creatures (Nightmare, PlantMonster, Desert Golem)

  • Changelog for Pre-Alpha 3.3.0:

    - Added advanced constructor that allows automatic crafting (i.e., it
    crafts complex devices with one click if necessary base items /
    resources are in inventory)
    - Added new NPC alien race that defends bases and that can shoot
    - Added new NPC alien creature (Crawler)

    - Added new NPC turret robot
    - Added different sets of POIs specific to each planet (thanks to Dead8Eye)
    - Added Mining Complex on Omicron that has a multi-floor basement (a
    real - labyrinth) - it is well defended and has a lot of loot (thanks to
    - Added 2 new cockpits
    - Added new windows with real reflection
    - Added new elevator block
    - Improved water shader and ground fog
    - Added community build Icarus Base in Orbit Creative (thanks to Arturius1967)
    - Added new crashed capital vessel (separated into 3 parts - front, mid, back) on Akua (thanks Arturius1967)
    - Added alien interior blocks

    - Overall more promethium deposits
    - Changed behavior of O2 Stations -> now activated via ‘T’
    - Passenger can now rotate camera in third-person view

    - Illuminated Block is now also triggered with Power On/Off
    - Increased damage of drone weapons on devices (before e.g. minigun drone could not destroy turret)
    - No drones are spawned near start location if you begin on Omicron (Survival)
    - Tweaked sound minigun SV and changed animation speed
    - Updated Radar Map icons for HV and Base

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed problem that later connected client did not see server's already discovered POIs.
    - Fixed bug that sometimes player did not get above water surface in first-person view
    - Fixed clipping with certain particle effects (in particular ground fog)
    - Fixed bug that 'You are dead' message remained visible when quitting game
    - Fixed flare on ION Cannon. Changed explosion
    - Fixed bug that map markers were not at correct position in 3d map
    - Fixed optical flaw with cut long item descriptions in scrolling item grids
    - Fixed optical flaw with wrong initial item grid scroll position in Food Processor
    - Fixed orientation of Radar Map regardless of cockpit direction
    - Fixed texture on Truss Block

    We are currently working on the dedicated servers and the solar system.
    So there is something to look forward to in the next update(s).

    Quelle: http://empyriononline.com/thre…s-bugfixes-and-more.2416/

  • Inzwischen hat sich in der Entwicklung von Empyrion einiges getan. Dedicated Server soll es ab Version 4.0 geben. Anbei die wichtigsten Änderungen der letzten Changelogs.

    CHANGELOG Pre-Alpha 3.4.0

    - Drones attack player bases from time to time

    CHANGELOG Pre-Alpha 3.5.0


    - Added 4 new community builds (with subterranean complex)
    - Added new drone model
    - Added new AI behavior: if a creature looses view contact with player, it will go to the position where it has last seen the player
    - Added thin hull blocks: new wall and corner wall blocks

    CHANGELOG Pre-Alpha 3.6.0

    - Integrated first version of Experience Points, Player Level Progression and Tech Trees
    - Added new asteroid field in Orbit
    - Added 7 new turrets to replace old turrets for base and capital vessel
    - Added 7 new ship weapons (SV, GV, CV) to replace old weapons
    - Added 3 new POIs with subterranean complex (thanks again to Dead8Eye)
    - Added Oxygen/Hydrogen Generator that produces oxygen and hydrogen bottles.
    - Added Tier 2 Pistol

    CHANGELOG Pre-Alpha 3.7.0

    - New Start setting: you start in an Escape Pod in the sky and crash land on the planet
    - Added Troop Transport
    - Added Survival Constructor
    - Added new insect NPC on Akua
    - Added large Asteroid field
    - Better player customization for skin, hair and armor
    - Added new fuel tank models
    - Added new core block model

  • Dedicated Server out now ...

    FULL CHANGELOG Pre-Alpha 4.0

    Main Feature:

    - Dedicated Server

    Other Features:

    - Added Steam authentication

    - Added emergency flip for HV: if HV is lying upside down, an
    emergency flip can be activated via "Left Shift" to get back to its
    upright position

    - Added fog in asteroid field in Orbit

    - Added new POI on Omicron ("Walker Base" by J0BA2)

    - Added new passenger seat

    - Added map marker for Escape Pod

    - HV does not collide anymore with plants

    Changes / Improvements:

    - Improved ship controller

    - Updated shader of player character to physically-based rendering

    - Balanced tech tree: now HV is available already at Level 2. Reduced levels for selected HV equipments (turrets, etc)

    - Moved "Time til Sunrise/Sunset" back to Main HUD

    - Reduced range for which explosions are audible

    - No drones anymore near start position

    - Changed sound of alien bug on Akua

    - Increased time after which Escape Pod disappears when it is empty

    - Increases time after which dropped ores disappear

    - Increased starting Cobalt ingots

    - Re-balanced SV / GV / CV weapons

    - Level, Died, Killed, Ping is now shown correctly in MP games via info board (default key: B)

    - Further improved chat window

    - Balanced drone amount on planets

    - Troop transport improvements (increase speed and flying altitude, better landing)

    - Message: drone base attack, troop transport and de-activate core on drone base is now shown also on Client in MP games

    - Added "Decoration Blocks" category to constructors and creative menu

    - Increased hardness of survival constructor

    - Added random +/-150m to player entry in multiplayer

    - Lowered sound of fridges and fuel tanks

    - Added new sound for Insect on Akua

    - Added more visible flare on Survival Constructor

    - Added "Available Unlock Points" to Inventory Window

    - Overall increased size of ore deposits

    - Ore deposits are now less deep buried on planets

    - Changed sound effect of destroyed (white) drone

    - Added sound effect to other destroyed drones

    - Added water impact sound

    - Added sound effects to generators

    Bug Fixes:

    - Fixed problem that filler & flatten tool or drill also removed
    other blocks like survival constructor, oxygen generator etc.

    - Fixed problem that POIs were sometimes buried under ground

    - Fixed drone explosion not showing on Client

    - Fixed animals not showing death animation

    - Fixed escape pod sound being heard by every player on multiplayer games

    - Fixed problem that destroyed Troop Transport caused a crash

    - Fixed problem that some turrets shoot into own collider (reduced vertical rotation limits)

    - Fixed bug that exiting the escape pod before landing kept the camera shaking

    - Fixed problem that (wild) Kavae Plant disappeared after a while when harvested

    - Fixed wrong Preview Image of Shotgun (Tier 1)

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